Emerald Heart


Corazon Esmeralda Trailer ENG

Beatriz Elena Beltrán, a young and beautiful ecologist, embarks on an intense crusade to make the wealthy industrialist, César Augusto Salvatierra, put an end to his environmental crimes in their town of Valle Bonito. It's a fierce battle Beatriz Elena has taken upon againt this tycoon, and she is unaware that he is her biological father.

Meanwhile, Beatriz Elena is scarred by tragic loss and a bitter disappointment that has left her heart closed off to love. But fate will bring her together with Juan Andrés Montalvo, a noble attorney whose intense love will heal her heart.  What Juan Andrés does not know is that this woman he has fallen for is the same woman he has been hired to find. She is Salvatierra’s fifth heir, whose true identity remains unknown. 

Once it is discovered that she is one of Salvatierra's heirs, Beatriz Elena is subject to countless plots and schemes by his three ex-wives. All in whom are blinded by greed and envy. This new chapter in Beatriz's life will force her to fight for the truth, her identity, her values, her dreams and her love.