Aunque Mal Paguen English Trailer

In the picturesque seaside village of  El Guayabo, a storm is brewing…  bringing winds of change and passion that will impact many lives.

Soledad is a beautiful young woman who lives a quiet, happy life in the quaint town of El Guayabo. Alejandro is an ambitious developer from the capital, determined to build a beach resort in the exact spot where the town lies—no matter how many families are uprooted in the process.

When Alejandro arrives to finalize the purchase of the village’s principal business, a cigar factory and all the land that surrounds it, fate brings him and Soledad together in an unexpected manner. After being robbed on the road and hit on the head, Alejandro wanders aimlessly until Soledad accidentally runs him over with her bicycle and that is when they realize that he cannot remember anything, not even his own name.

Soon everyone finds out that this confused stranger is the new owner of the majority of El Guayabo, but he cannot seem to understand why. The townspeople- simple and happy people who cherish their tranquil way of life- see Alejandro as an enemy, so they desperately find a way to prevent the construction of the resort. In this pursuit, a long-kept secret is revealed: Soledad's real mother, Catalina, did not die as everyone was led to believe.

In fact, she has spent the last 20 years imprisoned for killing her abusive husband, the son of Don Luis Santana who is the town's patriarch and owner of the tobacco factory. As a legitimate heir to the factory and the land, only she can undo the sale of the property. So now Don Luis, regretful of having signed the transaction, offers her a deal: if she returns to save the town, he will give her back her daughter. Neither Catalina nor Soledad know about each other’s presence, much less how near they are to one another. Catalina believes Soledad was adopted in another country, while Soledad is convinced she is the real daughter of the couple who raised her. Catalina’s return to El Guayabo will reunite mother and daughter… but it will also eventually tear them apart, as Catalina unknowingly falls in love with the same man Soledad sees as her soul mate: Alejandro.

And so, while Soledad and Alejandro discover that they are meant for each other, destiny still has many surprises in store for them both…and for the quaint, lovable town that brought them together.