The Black Widow


La Viuda Joven - English Trailer

This is the love story of Inmaculada Rojas, a young woman who came from the Andes Mountains in Venezuela and is now famous for marrying Baron Hans Von Parker. 

This beautiful young woman fell victim to scandal and was expelled from a beauty pageant because it was discovered that she had a daughter from years before. This caught the attention of an older German nobleman named Baron Hans Von Parker. Humiliated and rejected, Inmaculada agrees to marry him and she turns into the very rich and famous Baroness Inma Von Parker.

Just a year later, the sweet Inma becomes Baron Von Parker’s widow. There are already accusations that she played a hand in his death. Despite the rumors, other millionaires fall for Inmaculada and ask for her hand in marriage. Same as with her first husband, these two also die quickly and mysteriously. After being widowed three times by wealthy men, she is accused of being a black widow. Inmaculada is a very enigmatic woman who conceals her past and who handles all of the accusations with dignity. Although she declares her innocence, she is still treated with distrust and contempt, especially by her last husband's family. 

Inmaculada is determined to find the daughter that was taken from her when she was just a teen. The search for her daughter is what keeps her going; it's what has driven to make all the decisions she had made up until this point.

Then there is Alejandro. The police detective who has vowed to put the baroness in prison.  Inmaculada left him waiting at the altar years ago, without so much as an explanation. Years later, he is still angry and relentless. However, deep inside he is fighting against the love he still feels for this mysterious woman.

As the story advances, Inmaculada begins to conclude that there is only one person responsible for the deaths of her three husbands and that now that person is out to kill her too. She is very close to discovering who it is but Alejandro refuses to listen to her, convinced that she is deceiving him again. And so Inmaculada will have to find a way to protect herself and catch the murderer before it’s too late.