Arquitecto de Sueños End of Year Specials


Arquitecto de Sueños Predicciones 2015

The renowned Alfonso León, “El Arquitecto de Sueños,” brings to audiences two specials that will enable them to start off 2015 with positive energy and countless possibilities. 

Predictions 2015

The “Arquitecto de Sueños” gives his recommendations for a fulfilling life according to the zodiac and will give his predictions and relevant information for the upcoming year. Special guests include:Miguel de León, Alexandra Braum, Kerly Ruiz and Alejandra Sandoval. 

Awaken the Energy of 2015

This is an extraordinary special program in which Alfonso León and a distinguished panel of holistic specialists will give viewers their recommendations as to how to activate their energy for 2015. The panel also includes special artists such as Norelis Rodriguez, Mariangel Ruíz, Maria Antonieta Duque y Rosmeri Marval.