Animal Atlas


Animal Atlas is an entertaining and educational half-hour wildlife program shot exclusively in High Definition. The show introduces young viewers to every kind of animal imaginable. From the familiar to the astounding, including apes and giant lizards, sharks and tigers, and all other animals from the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, and everywhere in between.

Animal Atlas promotes a better understanding of how various animal species live and what they need to survive. Each episode stands alone as an excitingg look into the world of animals—whether visiting a particular group of animals, such as big cats, or meeting the animals of an entire continent. 

Through Animal Atlas, viewers discover the variety of places that animals live, how they find food, and how they play. The show also looks at how family units operate, from a community of thousands of prairie dogs, to a pride of lions, to a school of fish. 

Certain episodes also explore animal features such as diet, travel, adaptation, and how animals take care of their young. Along the way, Animal Atlas educates young viewers about endangered species and provides information on how to support wildlife conservation. 

For a generation of young viewers attuned to the importance of going green, Animal Atlas is not only entertaining, it’s culturally relevant and important. Animal Atlas offers an incredible and wildly entertaining adventure through the animal world.

Available in HD. Regulated by the FCC.

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