“Emerald Heart” Makes Its Debut in Ecuador on TC Television

Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) announces the debut of the classic telenovela “Emerald Heart” [Corazón Esmeralda], which will premiere today Tuesday, March 18th, on TC Television (channel 10) in Ecuador.

This new production by Venevision, starring the beautiful and talented Irene Esser (Miss Venezuela 2011) and the leading man Luis Geronimo Abreu, was written by Zaret Romero based on the original work by renowned author Vivel Nouel.  The telenovela features some of the top Latin actor and actresses, including Mimi Lazo, Jorge Reyes, Dora Mazzone, Maria Antonieta Duque and Juliet Lima.  What’s more, the credits showcase the top billing of actor Jean Carlo Simancas, and the special participation of Mariangel Ruiz.

Beatriz Elena Beltran (Irene Esser), a young and beautiful ecologist who is totally committed to protecting the environment, embarks on an intense crusade to make wealthy industrialist Cesar Augusto Salvatierra (Jean Carlo Simancas) put an end to the indiscriminate cutting down of trees and adequately process the waste that his factory dumps into the river and dam of Valle Bonito, the town where the story takes place.  Driven by this mission, she will be caught in a ferocious battle against the tycoon, unaware that he is her biological father.  Meanwhile, Beatriz’s life is marked by a tragic loss and bitter disappointments that have made close her heart.  But fate will bring her together with Juan Andres Montalvo (Luis Geronimo Abreu), a noble attorney whose profound love will heal her heart.  What Juan Andrés can’t begin to imagine is that he has fallen precisely for the woman he has been commissioned to find: Salvatierra’s fifth heir, whose true identity is unknown.  Once she is exposed as one of the millionaire’s beneficiaries, Beatriz Elena will be subjected to countless plots and schemes by Salvatierra’s three ex-wives, all blinded by greed and ambition to possess his enormous fortune.  This new situation will drive Beatriz Elena to fight for the truth, her identity, her values, her dreams... and her love.

“Emerald Heart” also features stellar performances by Flavia Gleske, Cristobal Lander, Paula Woyzechowsky, Sheryl Rubio, Daniel Martinez Campos, Myriam Abreu, Jose Ramon Barreto, Sindy Lazo; and top actors Flor Elena Gonzalez, Beatriz Vasquez, Alejandro Mata, Julio Pereira and Adolfo Cubas.  In addition, the cast includes Ludwing Pineda, Josue Villae, Rhandy Pinango, Carmen Alicia Lara, Ray Torres, Reina Hinojosa, Rodolfo Drago; as well as Andreina Carvo, Nicolas Camacho, Fatima Bella, Marludi Gomez and Patricia Amenta.