Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) announced changes in its distribution strategy, focusing on content sales and the development of original programing for its cable channels. On the other hand, Comarex in addition to its distribution role will increase its development and marketing activities of original ideas for global coproduction.

In an effort to consolidate their new strategies during 2018, both companies agreed to terminate the former distribution agreement of the CMD catalogue, although they will keep collaborating for new projects, and fostering the excellent and long-standing relation they have always shared.

For this new business phase, CMD secured the services of two allied companies, which will aim to maximize the global presence of CMD’s catalog and new content: Itoydani Corporation – lead by Daniel Rodriguez – that will be in charge of content sales for Latin America, while Sahara Management – lead by Cristobal Ponte - will focus on content sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa. José Loreto Arismendi, VP of Programming Strategy for Cisneros Media will coordinate the distribution activities for both companies starting this 2018 Natpe, in Suite TT2-1506.

“We are very grateful to Comarex for their work during 2017, and are thrilled to work again with two executives that for a long time were part of Cisneros,” stated Jonathan Blum, President of Cisneros Media.

Marcel Vinay Jr., CEO of Comarex, also commented, “We thank CMD for the trust placed on Comarex, and we are looking forward to this new business phase were we will showcase new concepts and productions during Natpe at suite 585 Versailles Tower”