A descriptive tale of the most successful and difficult rescue operation of guerrilla captives ever done, with impressive recreations of the events and interviews with key participants.

This fresh, teen-targeted series tells the love story of two teens, Ismael Montes and Elizabeth Capeleti who are caught in the midst of a long and absurd feud between their two families.

It’s an adrenaline-packed series full of incredible Kung Fu battles, showcasing masters of Shaolin Kung Fu.  A Buddhist named Zhiyuan, along with his daughter and six disciples, each a master of a unique Kung fu skill, fight against the Emperor’s tyranny.  Conists of

It's football from A to Z, an unforgettable journey through every aspect, every detail, every fascinating fact of the sport that inspires the most passion in millions of people across the world.

Luc Langevin is a Canadian physicist and magician that uses scientific principles to explore the world of street magic, mystifying even the most skeptical of audiences.

At first glance, Toño, Martha, Natalia and Ponchito Pérez are your typical family that like any other, has their problems to work on. But there is something different about them. 

After smashing into a vaulting sport at high speed, Dave Stewie’s professional gymnastics career came crashing to an end.  Years later, following the humiliation of his failure while at the brink of taking home the gold for his country, Dave discovers that his new pas

Venevision International and CCTV China proudly present a magnificent documentary: China Through the Yangtze River. Sailing from Oinghai to Shanghai, the river is over 6,000 kilometers long and crosses from the smallest of villages to the most spectacular of

Five fast paced and visually incredible documentaries about the biggest and more daunting new construction projects in China.
  • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
  • Shangai Tower
  • Beijing Underground Network
  • The Giant Offshore Wind Turbine

"Connecting Spain" travels across the country to reach some of the 8,100 towns that are connected to technology. Each episode contains two 25 minutes stories, each showcasing a different town.

In 1989, Luis Carlos Galán was murdered by an order of Pablo Escobar. This documentary presents an unseen analysis of how the murder was planned, executed and why no one was ever found guilty by Colombian justice.

On November 6, 1985, the guerrilla group M-19 storms into Colombia's Supreme Court, taking hostage its justices and employees with the intent to bring Colombian President Belisario Betancur to trial.