Mystery and suspense are the main ingredients in this electrifying psychological drama where nothing is what it seems. Carlota is a brilliant psychiatrist who treats married couple Angela and Marcelo Baron.

In this thrilling crime series, love blooms unexpectedly in a setting where romance is usually out of place: a small urban police station with serious budget problems and lots of crimes to solve.

Based on a group of teenagers living it up in tropical paradise during their summer vacation, My Life in Sayulita documents how the free spirit of the coastal village of Sayulita on the Nayarit peninsula north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, captivates these seve

Valeria Hidalgo is a young woman full of hopes and dreams. She is about to graduate with a law degree and wants to help her mother and siblings live a better life. But despite her radiant smile, she is not happy.

In Bogotá, a city where the majority of inhabitants are unaware of the work done by the fire department, a group of young men and women begin "Class 29" in hopes of becoming professional firefighters. Each has a different idea about

Painful events in 1948 drastically changed the history of Colombia for the remaining of the 20th Century. Bogota, the capital, was preparing to receive the delegations for the IX Pan-American Conference, which later on became the OEA.

The unknown story behind the FARC is told by exploring the life and work of their deceased founder and leader through interviews with both his worst enemies and his most fervent admirers.

Riding on a combat helicopter, French journalist Roméo Langlois accompanies Colombian troops on a routine anti-drug operation. Upon landing in an area controlled by the guerrillas, the command is ambushed and four soldiers are killed. 

The internationally acclaimed star, Sara Baras performs flamenco in its most authentic form. This documentary, filmed in the cities of Basel, Madrid and Cadiz, not only to commemorates this great performer of flamenco, but also to reveal the woman behind the star.

The greatest infantile tragedy in the history of Mexico marked the lives of 49 families who lost their children in a fire at the ABC nursery, and of an entire nation.

A six part series that tells the story of China from 1840 to 2009. From the fall of the emperors, to policies that reconstucted the country, the reforms of  1978, its new economy and the Olympic Games of 2008.