Imagine a busy street in any big city. A street where, despite sitting in the midst of urban chaos, the people who live and work there still greet each other by name.

This contemporary telenovela, filmed at the most lavish locations in the city of Miami, is a love story that takes place in a world of immigrants… bringing to light their struggles, dreams, successes and failures. 

The main characters of this contemporary telenovela are living a lie. A lie in which they have fooled themselves into believing that they are happy. But life makes sure that, sooner or later, they are forced to face reality.

Located in the breathtaking countryside surrounding Fresno, California, an impressive ranch called the The Talisman, is the centerpiece of this enthralling telenovela featuring the famous Blanca Soto (Eva Luna) and internationally famous heartthrob Rafael Novoa (A Cor

Mambo y Canela is both a love story and a tribute to friendship—because Rodrigo and Canela’s love is born out of friendship; and because revolving around them is a group of intimate friends that enrich the plot of this novela with go

Millionaire Maid is the best!  She is an astounding black woman a little over 40, has a grown son who was raised in Colombia and has had her fair share of unsuccessful marriages.

This is the story of six women who live in a country where many strive to become what men dream of: the perfect woman. To that end, these women will do anythng: plastic surgery, exercises, diets, Botox.