This fun-filled, fantasy teen series follows the adventures of the students at the Royal School, a unique academy located in a paradisal kingdom named Enchanted Island.

This format breaks the mold by delivering valuable health and wellness information in a simple, entertaining, and unique way—giving the audience the opportunity to “consult” with medical professionals and hear “what the doctors say.”

Mystery and suspense are the main ingredients in this electrifying psychological drama where nothing is what it seems. Carlota is a brilliant psychiatrist who treats married couple Angela and Marcelo Baron.

Valeria Hidalgo is a young woman full of hopes and dreams. She is about to graduate with a law degree and wants to help her mother and siblings live a better life. But despite her radiant smile, she is not happy.

“War, the most barbaric relationship of human beings”

The Colombian armed conflict is illustrated through soldiers eyes, soldiers trying to survive in the Military Central Hospital of Bogotá after been brutally injured.

This is the story of children living amidst a humble environment around a river that opens its arms and silently embraces them. Pipe, Babita, Piquiña, Kerus and Miguel are a group of children between 10 and 17 years of age that becom

A firsthand account of the military operation that ended in the death of one of the bloodiest guerrilla leaders in the history of Colombia: Victor Julio Suarez Rojas, alias “Mono Jojoy”.

An exciting travelogue that takes viewers to every corner of our spectacular planet; from the world’s most important cities to the most remote and charming locations that few travelers are familiar with.