A program geared towards the youngest in the household that will educate, inform and entertain them while simultaneously encouraing children to use their intelligence and creativity to discover the world around them in the areas of science, the arts, music, literature, and sports.

Step aside Beverly Hills, New York and Atlanta! These “Housewives” are rich, famous, successful and Latinas. They put aside any hispanic stereotypes and live the American dream.

This is the story of Dylan Wilkins and the criminals he recruits to assist him in his relentless pursuit of drug lords and other wanted felons. These criminals become undercover informants for ICE and for the U.S.

"Leyendas" is a portfolio of iconic and emblematic telenovelas.
The celebrated titles contained in the “Leyendas” package and the stars who made them famous are listed below:

A traditional nighttime talk show, featuring a combination of comedy, celebrity interviews, irreverent sketches and live musical performances. Hosted by Sergio Verduzco and his sidekick David Villalpando, At Night with Platanito is a

Likes, Share, Viral Videos…The Social Media phenomenon cannot be restrained. “Que Jalada,” shows the lighter side of these slices of life, captured by a group of comedians. 

“Alarma TV” is a daily half-hour magazine show that features one-of-a-kind news from around the world. Relying on a team of reporters, “Alarma TV” investigates compelling stories. Hosted by the famous actress, Lianna Gre

El Shaka is a fascinating narcodrama series that presents the dangerous world of a drug lord.

This electrifying 36-episode series provides an inside look at the inner workings of the Mexican drug cartels.

Taken from stories of the unexplained, this suspense thriller series combinesintrigue with the paranormal. Each episode features a different story --stories of money, love, mystery, relationships, past lives, passion and mostof all justice.

Separated by Love follows the story of a young woman, Sol, who leaves her country home for the city in search of a better life, without a glimpse of all the threats and dangers that await her.  She falls in love with Alejand