Cisneros Media Continues to Promote the Elimination of Violence against Women by Sharing Its Campaign #LasMujeresNoCallamos

On the basis of a partnership established in 2013 between Cisneros and UN Women, Cisneros Media– a Cisneros corporate division that encompasses its businesses in broadcast television, Pay-TV, production and distribution of entertainment content, music and beauty contests - is focused on the dissemination, through its communication platforms, of campaigns and messages that promote gender equality and women's rights with an emphasis on promoting the prevention and elimination of violence against women.

During this year in particular, Cisneros Media participated in the United Nations’ “16 Days of Activism,” which commenced with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, with two communication campaigns.  The first, broadcasted on Venevision, was a Spanish version of the UN Women global campaign #HeForShe, entitled: #ÉlporElla, and featured a cast of the channel’s male news anchors, hosts and actors who raised their voices with messages for equality between men and women.

The second campaign, titled #LasMujeresNoCallamos [#WeWomenWillNotRemainSilent], resulted from the work of a multifaceted team of Cisneros Media executives and specialists on gender issues, and is correlated with the campaign "UNiTE To End Violence Against Women," which was initiated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations in 2008 and continues through 2015.  At a broader scale throughout Latin America, the UN campaign emphasizes on the fight against impunity, the implementation of tactics and public policies for the elimination of violence against women and its prevention.  #LasMujeresNoCallamos brings to light the different types of violence against women, regardless of age, race or social-economic status, with special emphasis on the message that no form of violence is justifiable, or tolerable.

“We are making the #LasMujeresNoCallamos messages readily available to any media company that wants to join the initiative so they can be broadcasted massively to promote greater awareness among audiences...  As media companies, we can have a very powerful impact, and that carries a great responsibility.  In this sense, we are committed to promote women’s rights, and we invite others to join this effort,” stressed Jonathan Blum, President of Cisneros Media.

From Panama, UN Women Regional Director for the Americas and the Caribbean, Luiza Carvalho assured: “Every day we count on more evidence that violence against women and young girls is preventable.  What we want is to achieve a critical mass of people who are willing to raise their voices against violence and, above all, to be advocates of equality between men and women, and we are succeeding thanks to alliances, such as the one we have with Cisneros, which produce positive results.”