Stolen Kisses


Besos Robados English Trailer

Youth, music, humor—these are some of the ingredients that give life to this fresh, contemporary story featuring a cast of talented young actors.

Teeming with lighthearted situations and teen mischief, Stolen Kisses is set in an exclusive arts high school named Ars Viva. One of its newest professors is Alejandro Pomar, a responsible, hardworking young man who takes his teaching job very seriously. However, at this school he is faced with an unexpected problem: a classroom full of unruly teenage girls whose principal interest is singing and dancing, not learning. And leading the group is Paloma Belacochea, the girl who will become his worst nightmare… and his greatest love.

Orphaned at the age of 12, Paloma has grown up rich and spoiled by her nanny and her aunt Fernanda, with whom she lives. As a student, Paloma is a big headache—rebellious and defiant. But at the same time, her sweetness and spontaneity inspire feelings of tenderness. In spite of himself, Alejandro begins to feel something very special for this wild teenager who has vowed to make her teacher fall in love with her. Little by little, she succeeds in stealing Alejandro’s heart.

This only complicates matters because Alejandro is already romantically involved with Fernanda, Paloma’s beautiful aunt, whom he initially contacted  to discuss the teen’s poor behavior. Fernanda is the type of woman Alejandro has always dreamed of, and their relationship helps him repress his real feelings for Paloma. The triangle that ensues will bring intensely stressful moments for everyone…until true love finally triumphs over every obstacle in its way.