Somos Tú y Yo


Somos Tu Y Yo English Trailer

In the style of worldwide blockbuster hits like the all-time favorite “Grease” and more recently “High School Musical,” "Somos Tú y Yo" takes the music genre to a whole new level by developing it into a full-fledged TV series.

Targeted to young audiences, this lively, colorful production features a cast of multitalented teens performing a number of catchy songs and vibrant dance routines as an essential part of the storyline in every episode.

The plot revolves around the students of the performing arts school “La Academia”—their dreams, ambitions, talents and relationships. Experiencing first love is at the heart of the story, as viewers follow the budding romance of aspiring singers Victor and Sheryl, whose friendship turns to true love amid many setbacks. A rich kaleidoscope of young characters also add explosive energy, fresh humor and memorable  music to this teen series that is destined for international success.

"Somos Tú y Yo" has become a phenomenon among young viewers since its debut, generating an impressive number of diehard fans. After only eight weeks on air in Venezuela, the series already had a massive fan club and several music videos on YouTube, with hundreds of thousands of views.