Se Solicita Príncipe Azul


Se Solicita Príncipe Azul - English Trailer

Prince Charming does exist… but he’s not always easy to recognize.

Beautiful cousins María Carlota and María Corina couldn’t be any more different. María Carlota is a genuine country girl who loves living on her grandfather’s ranch and managing his cattle business while tending to her own veterinary practice. María Corina is a true metropolitan woman, an ambitious advertising executive living the sophisticated city life. But despite their enormous differences, they have one thing in common: a profound disappointment in men. 

María Carlota’s three half brothers are all womanizers and are a living example of how men callously use women; while María Corina is scarred from a terrible experience and vows to never fall prey to a man again.

That is why they are both caught off gaurd when fate puts them face-to-face with true love. As luck will have it, their Prince Charmings are not at all what they were expecting. For María Corina, the man of her dreams turns out to be Luis Carlos, one of her cousin’s half brothers, a modern-day cowboy who has never set foot in the city. And country-loving María Carlota falls in love with the sophisticated, cosmopolitan Ricardo, her grandfather’s lawyer from the capital.

At first, María Carlota and María Corina resist their feelings for these unlikely candidates—but they will ultimately fight with all their might to save the love that binds them, as many opposing forces conspire to sabotage the couples.