Sabor a Ti


Sabor A Ti English Trailer

An unforgivable betrayal...A family in financial straits...Two terrible twists of fate lead to a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Returning home from a business trip, successful engineer Leonardo Lombardi finds his beloved wife, Raiza, in bed with his best friend. This devastating blow drastically transforms Leonardo: once sensitive, good natured and kind, he turns into a bitter, hostile man, distrustful of everyone, especially women. 

Although her most cherished dream is to become a pediatrician, Miranda Valladares has no choice but to abandon her medical studies to help support her family. At the brink of poverty, they are about to be evicted from their apartment. 

While both are going through difficult times, Miranda and Leonardo cross paths. He owns the building where the Valladares live. She is desperately trying to save her home. So when Leonardo offers her a job at his mansion to take care of his grandfather and children, Miranda accepts. Neither one of them ever suspecting that this precise moment marks the beginning of a great passion.  

Things are far from easy for Miranda at the Lombardi mansion. Leonardo’s bitterness, his sister-in-law’s cruel resentment, and the return of Raiza, who manipulates Leonardo with their daughter’s emotional problems in order to reappear in his life and try to win him back, while lashing out at Miranda, whom she considers a dangerous rival… everything conspires against Miranda, complicating her life with the Lombardis. 

Only the steadfast affection shown by Raimundo, Leonardo’s grandfather, and his two children, Carlitos and Karina, give Miranda the strength to stay in her job. Eventually, Leonardo begins to discover within him a tenderness he had long forgotten; a profound love is kindling where once only ashes remained. Suddenly, he sees Miranda as the woman who could bring happiness back into his life. She feels the same way, but does not dare to admit it.

Many events will unfold before Miranda and Leonardo can love each other freely. But in the end, the fate that brought them together in the midst of their serious personal problems, will finally give them the happiness they deserve.