Rebeca English Trailer

When two men fall in love with the same woman, trouble is bound to ensue. But when those two men are father and son, the consequences can be devastating.

That is what happens to Eduardo and Sergio Montalban, both in love with the beautiful and kind-hearted Rebeca Linares. 

When Rebeca sees Eduardo for the first time, she feels that she has found her Prince Charming. They begin to date, and gradually fall in love. By coincidence, his father, a very attractive widower, also meets Rebeca and instantly falls for her. She becomes his close friend, unaware that Eduardo is his son.

One day, Eduardo finds out that the woman he adores is the same one his father intends to marry—and from that moment on he turns his love into hatred. Rebeca is also shocked to discover the relationship between Sergio and Eduardo.

Life takes a drastic turn for Rebeca after this. Scorned by Eduardo and faced with serious financial problems, she finnally accepts Sergio’s marriage proposal. Circumstances force her to move into Sergio’s mansion, where she not only has to face Eduardo, but also the evil schemes of other members of the household, who resent her presence and make her life a living nightmare.

Meanwhile, there is a third man competing for Rebeca’s heart: her loyal friend and neighbor, Martin Garcia, a noble spirit who can only offer her the truest love.

Which one will Rebeca finally find happiness with? Only time will tell…