¡No Puede Ser!


No puede ser Trailer ingles

The most endearing and colorful characters that made Venevision International’s teen series “Somos Tú y Yo” an unprecedented worldwide success have now crossed over into a different genre, the sitcom, to bring their fans fresh adventures full of comedy and music.

This new teen sitcom is a spinoff that takes place a year and a half after “Somos Tú y Yo.”  In "¡No Puede Ser!" the two most beloved characters –and die-hard rivals– from the original series, Sheryl and Rosmery, are thrown together in hilarious situations when they sign up to participate in a televised reality show, competing to win a huge recording contract… while fighting for the attention of the handsome Hendrick, an old schoolmate who is now one of the counselors at the summer camp where all the contestants must live together during the competition.

Featuring a brand new soundtrack with original songs performed by the talented cast of young actors, plus a comprehensive 360° strategy that includes the official website, Facebook, Twitter, licensing, merchandising, concerts, and a fan club with an enormous following, this newest addition to Venevision International’s successful catalog of teen series is sure to be another unstoppable international hit.