Mambo y Canela


Mambo y Canela is both a love story and a tribute to friendship—because Rodrigo and Canela’s love is born out of friendship; and because revolving around them is a group of intimate friends that enrich the plot of this novela with good humor and rewarding personal experiences.

Wildly beautiful and irresistibly charming, Canela is a cheerful, bright, playful young woman with an unexplainable love for the mambo. In spite of having led a harsh life –she was abandoned at an orphanage as a young child— Canela has always managed to stay optimistic and determined to be happy.

After many ups and downs, Canela finally finds the ideal job for putting her natural charm to good use: she becomes a product demonstrator, part of an exclusive sales team that works at hotels, conventions and national events. It is precisely at one of these events where she meets Rodrigo, a budding photographer. The son of a powerful businessman, and himself a brilliant computer engineer, this young man has just gone through an existential crisis that led him to give up his prominent position at his father’s firm to pursue his lifelong dream: taking pictures. The decision caused him to be financially cut off from his family, so now he is forced to make a living through his new trade. The free-spirited, enchanting and slightly offbeat Rodrigo crosses Canela’s path, leaving an indelible mark. But initially, neither one of them suspects that an intense love will grow between them. For now, Rodrigo has his sights on Vanesa, a  beautiful, sophisticated attorney who ends up giving in to his insistent courting.

Rodrigo lives with three close friends who have created the “Clan of the Divorcés,” a sort of secret society destined to combat the many vicissitudes encountered after their respective divorces. Nando is a second-rate actor and frustrated father; Cosme is a die-hard male chauvinist who collects ex-wives; and Saul is a sportsman and the most balanced of all.

Although he tries to resist the tempestuous Canela, Rodrigo finds himself falling in love with her. And now Canela will have to use all her wit and seductiveness to prove that she is truly the woman for him… and to overcome the enormous obstacles that begin to spring up in their path, throwing them both into a whirlwind of unexpected events. By an error of fate, Canela is accused of murdering Rodrigo’s father, Pompeyo Alamo—a fact that turns the two lovebirds into mutual enemies. This brings Daniel Montoya, Rodrigo’s best friend, into the picture, who decides to believe Canela and to defend her against all odds. In spite of having a wife and a daughter, Daniel is irreversibly drawn to Canela, and his life will take a drastic turn because of it. Both friends will clash over the same woman… and Canela will end up discovering that sometimes, true love lives on the wrong street.