Lorenzo's Wife


La Mujer De Lorenzo Engish Trailer

Laurita and Lorenzo have what everyone considers “the perfect marriage”. He’s handsome, refined, educated, rich- and he adores his wife. She’s beautiful, elegant, a true society lady: the ideal mate for a man like him. However since not all that glitters is gold, there is something wrong with this couple. Laurita is bored with her marriage…and this simple fact ignites  a series of events that no one will be able to control.

It all begins with the appearance of Alex, a young and frivolous opportunist whose principal occupation is seducing rich women-by using his job as a “personal trainer” to get close to them. When Laurita meets Alex, she feels an overwhelming physical attraction. As she continues to see him at the gym she attends, they become friends and, eventually, passionate lovers. Convinces that she is in love with Alex, Laurita makes the difficult decision to leave Lorenzo. But when she speaks to her attorney, he reminds her that the prenuptial agreement she signed will leave her penniless if she files for divorce.

Crazy about Alex, but not willing to give up all the luxuries she is accustomed to, Laurita decides to find another solution. The plan is to have Lorenzo be the one to ask for the divorce and voluntarily give her half of his assets. How will she accomplish this? By making sure that he falls in love with another woman.

The perfect candidate is Silvia, Lorenzo’s new assistant, a pretty and sweet young woman. Conspiring with her best friend, fashion designer Giacomo Bonicelli, Laurita approaches Silvia, pretends to be her friend and gradually molds her into the kind of woman Lorenzo would be drawn to. Little by little, Lorenzo and Silvia become strongly attracted to each other but things are not as easy as Laurita expected, as Silvia still has feelings for Alex, her boyfriend of several years.

Laurita’s scheme becomes even more complicated with the arrival of Isabela, Lorenzo’s former fiancée, who returns from abroad intending to take over Lorenzo’s company. Isabela is bitter because Laurita stole her man, and now she wants to get back at the both of them. On the road to revenge, Isabela becomes Alex’s lover, which drives Laurita wild with jealousy.

In time, Silvia and Lorenzo acknowledge that a deep, true love has flourished between them, and Lorenzo finally decides to ask Laurita for a divorce. But now that everything is turning out the way she planned, Laurita realizes what she is about to lose, so she changes her mind and launches into a fierce war to recover Lorenzo. In the end, who will be Lorenzo’s woman? Which one will come out victorious?