Las González


Las Gonzales English Trailer

Imagine a busy street in any big city. A street where, despite sitting in the midst of urban chaos, the people who live and work there still greet each other by name. It is precisely on such a street that our story takes place—and more specifically in a flower shop: Las Gonzalez S.R.L., managed by the women of the Gonzalez family, all of whom, quite appropriately, are named after flowers. This tale revolves around them, their everyday lives, their dreams, and their men… those men who are present, those who have left and those who are about to arrive and forever change these women's lives. 

Nothing –and no one– in this world can harness the spirit of the Gonzalez women; and although they are all very different, the love they have for one another is what keeps them together. Alelí is the sweet one, who in her teens accidentally became pregnant, and is now the single mother of a beautiful girl. Alelí was heart broken by her first love, but she never lost hope and she still dreams of finding her prince charming. Maybe it is Robinsson, the modest, yet resourceful, young man who delivers flowers for the shop…

The other Gonzalez' also have a history. From the eldest sister, divorced and disappointed in men, to the eternal optimist eager to fall in love again despite her failed marriage, from the ugly duckling who tolerates an intolerable husband to the indecisive cousin who just cannot seem to say yes to her boyfriend of many years… This bouquet  of women, ordinary but at the same time very special, will share with us their story, along with their hopes and disappointment. A story that, day by day, unfolds on a street you may have passed by many times.