La Revancha


La Revancha - English Trailer

This compelling story of love and vengeance revolves around an unsolved murder. The terrible consequences of this crime, committed many years ago, affect the lives of all the characters, linking them to a common fate: revenge.

Two sisters Isabela and Soledad are separated during their childhood after their father is murdered. They grow up never having known each other: Isabela is raised in a world of luxury by her godfather and Soledad is raised by Providencia Santander, the woman she believes to be her mother. 

Even though the kindhearted Proviencia was merely Soledads nanny when the little girl was orphaned, she has truly shown her motherly love. After becoming an unwitting eyewitness to the murder of Soledad’s father, Providencia ran away with the child to protect her from the evil she saw. Since then, Soledad has grown up –unaware of her true identity– in a humble but very loving home.

Isabela, on the other hand, knows what happened to her father and feels deep down inside that her younger sister is alive somewhere. What she least expects is that soon she will encounter Soledad, not only as the sister she has longed for but as her rival in love. 

What she least expects is that soon she will confront her, finding not only the sister she has longed for, but also a rival in love—a forbidden love for both. It turns out that the man whom they both fall for is Alejandro Arciniegas, a noble young doctor who happens to be the son of Rodrigo Arciniegas, the evil man who murdered their father.

Alejandro falls deeply in love with Soledad who, unaware of the terrible connection between their two families, falls just as passionately in love with him.  However, Providencia knows the truth and fiercely opposes the relationship between her adoptive daughter and a member of the Arciniegas family. And now, Isabela will also do her part to separate them, planning an intricate revenge in which Soledad plays a crucial role.

Everything conspires to destroy the love that has flourished between Soledad and Alejandro… but not even the powerful forces of hate and vengeance will be able to change the profound feelings they have for each other.