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Besame Tonto English Trailer

Julieta is a teenager who has grown up in a very strict household, where she has enjoyed every privilege and has everything her heart desires. Since her childhood, Julieta has been engaged to Ricardo Escalante, son of a prominent banker, who adores and respects her with strong devotion. But the day of their marriage, Julieta realizes that she knows very little about life. 

By a twist of fate, amid all of the confusion the wedding is causing Julieta that she now does not even want to go through with, this young girl meets Romulo-a serious and humble boy. Romulo pressured by enemies of his family, has found himself in an extreme situation: Romulo's older brother, with the dream of making easy money, becomes tangled in shady business with the wrong group of people and finds himself in debt. This debt can now cost him his life and has put his entire family in danger. In order to save his brother and family, Romulo must steal a valuable painting that belongs to Julieta's family. 

When Romulo attempts to steal the painting, he is caught red-handed and must abandon the scene. As he is trying to escape, he steals the wedding car without realizing that Julieta is in the back seat. 

Romulo realizes that Julieta is sitting in the back seat and he tries to make her get out of the car but Julieta sees this is as an opportunity to escape the wedding. She asks Romulo to please take her with him. Things begin to get complicated and this escape begins to appear as a kidnapping. Romulo is not only searched for by the police throughout entire country, but also by the delinquents who have put the lives of his family at risk and by Julieta's relatives who fear that the life and honor of their daughter are in danger. 

The unexpected encounter between Julieta and Romulo starts to take a dramatic turn and their initial dislike for one another turns into a friendship. Soon this friendship transforms into a passionate and crazy love that drives them to fight against everything to stay together. 

But now that the kidnapping is over, they must return to the city and face the consequences of their recklessness, face their families and the commitments they each had made before they met. Not only Julieta is engaged but Romulo has a girlfriend who will do anything not to lose her beloved.

In addition, while everything was going on with Julieta and Romulo running away, the valuable painting has disappeared and they both must retrieve it. Julieta so she can pacify her father's fury and Romulo to save his family from the delinquents that threaten their lives.