The Kennedy Assassination Trilogy

The shocking truth about the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy is finally revealed in 3 shockumentaries. 
I Shot JFK
In 1989, Houston private investigator Joe West launched an independent investigation to find the true assassins of President John F. Kennedy. After three years of disappointments and dead-ends, West received a tip from an unexpected source: an FBI agent who asked to remain nameless. The tip led Joe West to Stateville Correctional Center at Joliet, Illinois and a prisoner named James E. Files. Approaching the 50 year anniversary of the JFK assassination, confessed assassin James E. Files tells the story of his roll in the crime of the century.
Confessions from the Grassy Knoll: The Shocking Truth
An investigation into the story of a man who confessed to firing the fatal shot from the grassy knoll in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. His story becomes one more compelling piece of evidence for what most Americans have long suspected: that their government covered-up critical facts about the CIA's collaboration with organized crime to assassinate the President of the United States.
Spooks, Hoods & JFK
This is the video memoir of CIA contract agent and underworld figure Chauncey Marvin Holt reveals the footprints of a renegade covert network, a secret government that has exerted untold influence over U.S.. policy. Holt's amazing story chronicles his participation in top secret "black operations" conducted during the Cold War and reveals his clandestine role in the events surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.