Inside Football


It's football from A to Z, an unforgettable journey through every aspect, every detail, every fascinating fact of the sport that inspires the most passion in millions of people across the world.

A fast-paced, information-packed, visually dynamic and highly entertaining magazine show, Inside Football gives fans a uniquely different perspective of their favorite sport by going beyond the matches, scores and plays to examine the phenomenon of football from the inside out and answer the age-old question: What makes football the most popular sport on the planet?

From the science and technology behind the game to its history and social impact; from insightful profiles of the world’s most gifted players to the psychology of the die-hard fan; from the stadiums of the future to the evolution of the rules and techniques; from nutrition and physical endurance to the biggest controversies surrounding the sport. This unique series is a must for anyone who loves football and everything about it.

Available in HD.

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