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The lovely and kind-hearted Marisela Ruiz Montero grew up in the countryside with her devoted mother, Rosalinda. Marisela never knew her father, a married man who deceived Rosalinda when she was barely 17. After discovering she was pregnant, Rosalinda left everything behind to avoid shaming her family, and raised Marisela far away from everyone, never telling her daughter that she is one of the rightful heirs to an immense fortune.

One day, Marisela meets Alberto Reyes, and it is love at first sight. As fate would have it, Alberto turns out to be her father’s godson, and he brings Marisela into contact with her family she has never met, revealing her hidden past. Now it seems that Marisela will finally have the status that is rightfully hers, as her noble and wealthy aunt signs a new will that includes the niece she had always searched for. However, fortune will not smile on Marisela yet. The will is stolen by two evil people, Alberto’s best friend and his fiancé, who succeed in preventing Marisela from receiving her inheritance.and separating her from Alberto.

Twenty years later, Marisela's and Alberto’s paths cross again—and both realize that the love they once felt is still there, but so are the obstacles that pulled them apart in the past. Will destiny be on their side this time around?