El Amor las Vuelve Locas


El Amor Las Vuelve Locas - English Trailer

When true love finds its place in our hearts, time cannot erase it...

Fernanda has been unhappily married for 20 years to a callous man imposed by her mother. She has learned to accept her fate, but at 18, she had other plans: to spend the rest of her life with her true love, Pablo Martínez. However, when her older brother was brutally murdered, Pablo was wrongly convicted of the crime. Fernanda’s scheming family led her to believe that Pablo was also dead, and convinced her to marry the wealthy Arnaldo. For two long decades, Fernanda has dreamt of what could been, while Pablo has endured the torture of being unjustly imprisoned.

Now, finally released, Pablo reappears in Fernanda’s life and both discover that the profound love they felt when they were young, has been impervious to time. He is determined to get revenge and prove his innocence; she is at a crossroads, married to a man she detests, while the love of her life stands before her once again. Victims of a terrible lie all these years, Fernanda and Pablo must now fight for their happiness— a fight that will cost them dearly, as the forces that separated them in the past are still at work and new schemes are being plotted against them.

Meanwhile, Fernanda has been hiding a secret of her own: her daughter, Ana Maria, is not Arnaldo’s child, but Pablo’s. Does she reveal the truth, or will everyone be better off if she lets things stay as they are?

Conflict, treachery, deceit… all conspire against two people whose only wish is to fully experience the love that was so cruelly taken away from them…