Cities of the World
Each filler explores a different city of the world, visiting their respective landmarks and most interesting features. It is an authentic journey through the heart of the city.
36 x 2'
Legendary Hotels
Open the doors to ten legendary hotels throughout Europe.
10 x 30'
Villages of Europe
An international production of documentary films that features twenty  diverse European villages in Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain.
8 x 30'
Rural Tourism in Europe
Each episode presents the rural culture from different regions of Europe. It focuses on the region's heritage, enotourism, ornithology, gastronomy, nature and recreational activities.
9 x 30'
The Cemetery
A team of experts delve into the history and paranormal activities of the world's most mysterious graveyards.
10 x 30'
The Roman Roads of Europe
This is the first trip on the Roman roadways throughout Europe. A trip from the North to the South of Europe, former Spanish West Africa, Germany, all the way to Italy.
4 x 30'