Direct Flight

Two Continents. Four friends. Life at 900 Km/h.

The contrast between the warm tones of Luanda and the frenzy of Lisbon, professional demands and the most intimate and sincere feminine thoughts, the never-ending war between the head and the heart. These are just some of the ingredients of this series.
Patricia, Joana, Marta and Rute are four best friends, flight attendants who share a deep friendship between Portugal and Luanda. Reaching the age of 30, brings new worries, put off until then: marriage, motherhood and professional life. Confronted with their first major disillusions and the dramas of adult life, these women will question the way they had thought about their lives up till then and the men in these lives.

When everything seems to have been decided, they will finally realize that, after all, every day can bring a new beginning.