Criminal Mastermind


Demente Criminal-English Trailer

This riveting series, based on true events, tells the chilling story of how a distinguished psychiatrist is exposed as an abusive monster and cold-blooded murderer.

Highly respected by his peers, Dr. Raimundo Acosta has built a thriving practice and gained a solid reputation in his community as an accomplished medical professional and academic. However, for over two decades he has managed to conceal all the sordid events that regularly take place in his office.

When one of his young patients is brutally murdered, the girl’s devastated mother, Veronica, vows to prove that the prestigious psychiatrist is responsible for her death. Enlisting the aid of a shrewd police investigator who has been harboring suspicions about Dr. Acosta for a long time, Veronica begins the most difficult journey of her life: to find evidence that proves the doctor’s guilt in her daughter Alicia’s death.

Confronting this brilliant manipulator and exposing him as the evil fraud that he is, will prove a truly dangerous mission, but one that Veronica is determined to see through to the end. After enduring countless attacks and setbacks, she and Detective Julio Villalobos, along with a group of allies including an investigative journalist, a pathologist, and a retired police chief, finally prove their case and much more as their investigations reveal that Dr. Acosta had spent his career committing heinous crimes that ranged from sexual abuse and rape to inducing suicides and hiring hit men to kill witnesses. All kept perfectly secret until he made the fatal mistake of viciously murdering Alicia with his own hands.

Fictionalized for television and based on the bestselling book “Sangre en el Diván” (Blood on the Couch) by famed Venezuelan journalist Ibéyise Pacheco, is one of the most shocking true-life mysteries of todays time that comes to life in this new Venevision Productions series.

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