Cosita Rica


Cosita Rica English Trailer

This story of Cosita Rica is filled with diversity-just like life in any Latin American metropolis. In this story of love and pain, dreams, surprises and plenty of social sensibility, we look inside two opposing worlds: one governed by luxury and power, and the other of poverty.

Paula Chachón, better known as Paula C, is a charming young woman who lives in a slum called Barrio República. Home of the Chacóns and other characters in this story, this Barrio is not an easy place to escape from: years fly by while working to make ends meet. But there's another world out there, brimming with money and power, which will irrevocably crash into this one, intertwining and changing the lives of many.

It all begins when Paula C meets Diego Luján, future heir to a cosmetics empire. Despite their obvious social differences, they fall overwhelmingly in love, the kind of love that leaves a mark forever. Diego is unsatisfied with his life, especially with the fact that in a week he will be marrying Vicky Cárdenas, a beautiful but frivolous model. After having felt true love with Paula C, Diego promises to break off his engagement and asks Paula C to wait until they can begin a new life together. However, destiny deals them a bad hand and their meeting never takes place. Diego marries Vicky and Paula C is devastated.

Meanwhile, the uncanny connection between Barrio República and the Luján family continues to be revealed. Diego's sister, Veronica, finds a girl who looks exactly like her. Her name is Maria Suspiro, she lives in the Barrio and turns out to be Veronica's twin sister. When they discover this amazing secret, the girls make the daring decision to swap lives and experience firsthand, the differences between their two worlds.

Another important character from the Barrio who plays a key role in this story is Olegario Perez. He is a rough, uneducated man who comes to the capital to settle matters with his birth father, Nicomedes Lujan. Who is also Diego's father.

Olegario rents a room in Paula C's house and from the first moment he lays eyes on her, he vows to make her his. Luck is on his side when Nicomedes suddenly dies, and Olegario finds out that he is now an official Lujan heir. Wasting no time, he moves into the family mansion with his half siblings Diego and Veronica. Ironically, Diego helps Olegario win over the woman he loves, never suspecting that it is Paula C.

That is how opposition and coincidence conspire to bring Paula C back into Diego's life, now as his half brother's wife. But the love they shared in the past will turnout to be stronger than their will and they will fight everything and everyone to have it back.