20th Anniversary of AVE


The special program 20th anniversary of AVE is a 50 minutes-length documentary.

The narrator is the train itself and tells its story in first person with the help of two co-workers: Francisco, who drives the train and Rocío, a stewardess. With them, we travel through the past and present and learn about the advances of the train engine and how its charm still remains. 

A fun competition takes place throughout the documentary. Two reporters race from Málaga to Madrid. Each one chooses a different means of transport: Julio travels by airplane, convivnced that he will arrive well before Carla. Although, Carla ends up arriving in Madrid first, having traveled faster and more comfortably by "Ave." Throughout this exciting journey, the train also stops at several stations all over Spain that have unique names (one for each of the Andalusian provinces) such as "Memories," "Dreams," "Mysteries," "Future," which introduces in a delightful manner all of the stories, films and news in which the train plays an important role. 

The documentary was filmed using aerial remote-controlled cameras that allows viewers to not only enjoy the best views but those views that we otherwise would never be able to reach on our own, as if the views were captured by a bird.

Available in HD.

View trailer here.